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What is in common between
table tennis and Elbrus?
Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe
Its west summit stands at 5,642 metres
The most high-altitude table tennis match in human history is going to take place on one of the Elbrus peaks in the end of July - beginning of August, 2009.

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September 9,2009

Table tennis match on the top of Elbrus was officially recognized by the Book of Records of the CIS.

August 4,2009

Farewell with Elbrus

The participants of the project "Table tennis on Elbrus" spent the last 2 days in the Elbrus area. Thus, on August, 3, the members of the expedition trained passing rocky routes under Alexander Shkalikov guidance, and then they had light and pleasant exercises, such as mushrooming and farewell lunch which slipped to dinner. In the morning of August, 4, the participants got up early, bundled and gathered tents. Severe Elbrus hided to the clouds, as if it could not to bid farewell to the guys. Then, the group moved to the city Mineralnye Vody and took a train, which arrived on the schedule. Tomorrow, at 7:33 a.m. the project participants are arriving to Dnepropetrovsk.

August 2,2009

Late evening celebratory dinner in honor of climbing caused expedition members combined breakfast with lunch, Despite tiredness after heavy climbing to Elbrus, some members of the group climbed to Bashkarinskoe lake. Besides, they visited a glaciological station and wonderful artistic stone installation (author: Ivanov, Moscow).

July 31,2009

Details of the unique tennis match

The table tennis match on the top of Elbrus became real on July, 31, 2009. All trained participants (Ruslan, Anya, Alexander Shkalikov, Yaroslav and Vadim) and 4 unskilled persons from 10 (two Sergeis, Viktor and Sasha Logvinov). Other participants had to go down to the base camp due to mountain sickness on the col (5300 height). The participants, who reached the top of the mountain, chose a less windy place, assembled and installed a table, unfolded a banner. The first match in the history of Elbrus took place between Viktor Kanunnikov and Sergei Korkin. Sergei gained a victory by a score of 3:1. After that, Vadim Kotlyar and Yaroslav Pasechnik held a match (0:3). Yaroslav played a game with the climber from Belarus. Then the participants were photographed near the table. Removed the table, they went down, keeping the whole inventory for the history. Finally, the participants returned to Adyl-Su and a sauna put an end to the difficult climbing and descending from Elbrus. Detailed video.

July 31,2009

They did it!

Regardless of difficult weather conditions, the expedition participants succeeded to climb the top of Elbrus and held the highest-altitude tennis match in the human history. More details about the game in the next news. We congratulate our heroes and wish successful descending from severe Elbrus!

July 30,2009

Because of the bad forecast (gale-force wind at the peak), we decided to postpone our first try to "attack" the peak for one day. So, we are starting on July, 31 at 2 a.m. The weather is expected to be a bit windy and snowy. We have not played table tennis during snowfall yet! The main problem: we are not sure that all the members of the expedition will be able to reach the peak. Those who will be unable will need to be accompanied downwards with one of our instructors. In such a case we are going to lack the necessary amount of people on the peak to hold the match on.
Today we have distributed the load between all the participants of the match who are able to bear extra weight. There appeared to be 7 of us. The rest ones should try to carry at least themselves!

July 29,2009

We spent that night on Priyut 11 and climbed the Pastukhov’s mountains without any luggage for 2 hours from 4100 to 4700 m. Descending was quicker despite overknee snow. The expedition participants withstand the height differently and it is incomprehensible if everybody can reach the top and who will carry the load.
By the way, 2 more participants from Donetsk joined the expedition. They are well physically trained. Also, suddenly, an experienced climber from Zaporozhiye, Alexander Shkalikov, joined our team. He was inspired by the idea of the project. It is very difficult to say whether we climb the top of Elbrus tomorrow or not. It will depend on weather which is ambiguous and changeable.

July 28,2009

Climbing in spite of bad weather

We decamped and left the base camp Adyl-Su, then moved to Elbrus under pouring rain. Down the road to the village Terskol we stocked up on vital provisions and there were no potato and cabbage in the shop. Rain was pouring down constantly. We went up to the station Mir (3500 m above sea level) in closed cabin of cableway, where rain gave place to snow and squally wind. The last section of cableway is single-seated and open snowcat. It brought us to Priyut 11 allowing to enjoy amenties of winter in the middle of summer. Tomorrow we will have the last practice climbing the Pastukhov’s mountains before we conquer the top of Elbrus.

July 27,2009

A day of rest was met with enthusiasm. Backgammon, preference and russian card game "Fool" prooved again that you can replace any activity playing them.

July 26,2009

participants started climbing VCSPS. There are the following impressions of the expedition members: awakening at 4.00 a.m. at the temperature 0C was difficult. But low hanging bright star sky and Venus and Jupiter gave back good mood and hot tea put all standing. After climbing the pass VCSPS, we started conquering the top of Andyrchi. The weather was fine and wonderful Elbrus dominated at Caucasus mountain ridge. After descending Andyrchi, 4 persons returned to the camp referring to tiredness. Others went to the top of Kumyrchi. On the way, one of the girls had a leg-ache and as a result only 7 persons climbed the mountain. Descending to the camp was normal but everyone was rather tired. Tomorrow we will have a rest day.

July 25,2009

The expedition completed climbing the pass VCSPS and stopped with knapsacks. This stop was made at a height 3300 m where there are no trees and bushes. But Caucasian goats come up close to the stop to see who occupied their place. As participants of the expedition say that following the steep path climbing 1100 m was not easy.

July 24,2009

Climbing up the ravine Shkhelda

Today, we have done a practice climbing up the ravine Shkhelda. This is a well-known place, where the legends of climbing world, Abalakov and Khergiani climbed up. The final objective of our voyage was an amazing place with a poetic name – Shkhelda’s Smile. The thin left branch of a wayward mountain river flowing at the bottom of the ravine doubles 50 meters in diameter and runs into the river-bed. From the bird’s-eye, this place looks like a girl’s smile and enjoys wide popularity of tourists able to overpass some kilometers of a steep mountain path, which passes gorgeous motley grass and dives down. We took a bath in Shkhelda’s Smile at 6C temperature. On the way back, tasted airan (local cultured milk product), we found a little hedgehog posing to the photographers. Not far from the place of the meeting with the hedgehog, our instructor, Rustik, showed us a source of natural Narzan. This mineral water with natural aeration was engraved on our hearts. Returned, we had a successful practice game on table-tennis in the field, however, not all participants showed how they master the modern two-way rotation at a table. Tomorrow, we will climb the head of the pass VCSPS. It will be the most difficult route from the previous ones.

July 23,2009

Expedition diary: July 23, a height of 3200m is conquered

Preparation to the most mountain match in human history is continuing. Today, the members of expedition made a new climb. In spite of the difficulties a battle mood reigns in the camp. The leader of the project, Sergey Korkin, describes cheerfully the events of the day in his diary:" July 23. Today elated we made a radial climb to the peak of Germogenov (3200 m), whereupon got down in a base camp. Unexpectedlyб the weather began to get better: at first tears appeared in clouds in the east and at last the rays of sun forced one's way through to us. At this moment in the west from our camp something enormous and white suddenly began to appear from a cloud. A few minutes – and here it is, wonderful Elbrus, spread before our eyes. Both tops! Even a path on which we plan an ascent on the top of Elbrus is visible. It is pleasantly to see with our own eyes the purpose of our expedition. As we are in the east of Elbrus the east peak turned out nearer to us on which we are going to play a unique tennis match. This fact we perceived as an auspice. And even such troubles of day such as damaged camera because of cameraman falling or forgotten on a market cabbage and potato are perceived by us with a humour. In fact nobody bargain that things would go swimmingly."

July 22,2009

Expedition climbed up 2800m

Today, the expedition of the project "Table tennis on Elbrus" continued preparatory rise and conquered 2800m, climbed to the Turyi Lakes. The leader of the project Sergey Korkin describes the events of the day: "July 22. Yesterday, there was a downpour, and we walked on a glacier. In the evening it was the same, and we fallen asleep well to the accompaniment of drum-roll of the rain on tent. Fortunately, it was yesterday. Sky cleared up at night, and "the abyss of stars is full" opened up. In the morning, our camp was burst into a sun and we started going by planned acclimatization climb to the Turyi Lakes, which are at a height of 2800m that is 500m higher from the base camp. For two hours we climbed to the lakes and placed tents but unfortunately didn’t succeed in seeing a Caucasian goat. But round a today's camp there are flowering rhododendrons which remind new-fallen snow with their white flowers. The climb was not simple technically, and tomorrow decsending will be yet difficult, taking into account a possible rain.

July 21,2009

Test match at 2300m height. Yesterday we arrived to the base camp in Adyl-Su. Today we have gone to the glacier Kashkatan in order to make an hour climbing and physical exercises on the glacier. Despite the weather which changes every 15 minutes putting us from the middle of summer to the late autumn, elation reigns in the camp. There is a banner "Table-tennis on Elbrus" on the central glade of the camp and organizer flags have been shown. We will assemble the tennis table, wait till rain is over and hold a table tennis championship of the climbing camp at 2300m height.

July 21,2009

The expedition is still open for new participants, who can join to the group, contacting the head of the project, Sergei Korkin, tel: +7 9283613775.

July 20,2009

Today, the members of the project have arrived to the base camp in the Elbrus area. Tomorrow, on July, 21, they will start climbing preparations, which includes acclimatization and physical conditioning exercises. Within preparation to the record, the participants are going to hold a test match at a height of 4100-4300m. Playing properties of the table in the conditions of low temperatures and strong wind will be tested during this match.

Expedition Schedule

119.07 Departure from Dnepropetrovsk.
220.07 Arrival, organization of the base camp. Solving of organizational problems (registration, frontier control, etc.)
321.07 Going to the glacier Kashkatan. Studies on the glacial prominence.
422.07 Climb up Tur’i nochevki (3200).
523.07 Climb up the glacier, descend to the base camp.
624.07 Rest-time, preparation for the head of the pass VCSPS
725.07 Climb up the pass VCSPS (3600).
826.07 Climb atop of Andyrchi (4000) and if possible Kurmychi (4100). Descend to the base camp.
927.07 Preparation for climbing Elbrus.
1028.07 Departure from the base camp. Climb up Priyut 11 (4100).
1129.07 Acclimatization climb up the Pastukhov’s mountains (4750).
1230.07 Climb atop of Elbrus. Table tennis match.
1331.07 Standby day
1401.08 Standby day
1502.08 Standby day
1603.08 Descend to the base camp
1704.08 Departure
1805.08 Arrival to Dnepropetrovsk.
July 17,2009

Project organizers have held a press conference for the representatives of mass media. Our project leader, Sergei Korkin, confessed that everything had started from a common joke, and then the idea took on its form and became more realizable. The representatives of the leading ukrainian TV channels, print media, radiostations and some informational agencies took part in the press conference.

July 16,2009

A unique tennis table was tested. It surpassed all expectations of trainers as well as players. The self-assembly table consists of 16 details and is made from high-strength and light material "ecobond" (3mm, aluminum + plastic). It can be assembled using furniture fittings in 10 minutes with the help of one screwdriver. Expedition members will be able to divide weight of the table (25 kg only!) during climbing. The joints of table assemblies are less than 1 mm - it does not hamper the rebound of ball and does not influence on the game process.

July 16,2009

Press release

July 15,2009

Table tennis match on Elbrus will become a plotline for a documentary. 30-minute film will interpret the atmosphere of the expedition, mood of its participants in details, extremeness of the record itself and also become a powerful instrument for promotion of table tennis.

July 10, 2009

Official opening of the web site dedicated to our project.

July 7, 2009

Validation of the documents required for the further record registration in the Book of Records of the CIS and Guinness Book of World Records.

Rules of the record validation

Our application

July 7, 2009

A large banner of soft and robust cloth was ordered, with special device for its fixation – it must provide protection of the table against wind during the game.

A mockup

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